February 20

What to wear for your Boudoir Session.

By Dean Agar Photography

February 20, 2022


Have you been thinking about a Boudoir session but you have no idea what to wear, what will look good on you, or where to start?

Read on for some helpful information on choosing the right lingerie for your body type and download our free guide to Planning your perfect Boudoir Session with help on what to wear, how to prepare and do's and don'ts. 

Two Piece Set

0011 colour

A two piece set is probably the staple of boudoir but by no means the only option. Some sets can be very expensive but you can get some really nice lingerie from KMart & similar stores. It is great to treat yourself to expensive lingerie but if you have a limited budget just stick to the basic black, white or cream and find something that is soft, feminine and lacy. You can’t go wrong with that. Don’t worry if you cant afford a suspender belt or stockings as we have white and black belts and a range of stockings for your use.

We prefer underwear with a nice lacy side as g-strings tend to look quite hard at the sides. A nice brazilian cut is perfect if you can find that. Some ladies come in to us with 6 or more sets of lingerie which is really not needed. 2 sets are just fine if that is all that your budget can stretch to.

025 boudoir photography

One Piece Body Suit/Teddy

087 boudoir photography

A nice lace teddy or bodysuit is perfect, especially if you need to cover stretch marks or if you are self conscious about your tummy. They are sexy and elegant and flattering to all body types. 

There are so many different designs, colours and fabrics to choose from but once again, if you are unsure on colours, stick to the basic, black, white or cream. They will always work and they will be easier to team up with our sets and props. Red is also stunning, making a bolder statement.

006 alt 1

Garter Belts and Stockings

001 colour

Most women have no idea how to put the garter and stockings on but never fear, I have become expert at it. Garter belts are great if you have a problem area on the tummy to hide and teamed with stockings they look fantastic and sexy. Just make sure that your stockings are the right size and not too tight. 

We have a black and a white garter belt that you are welcome to use as well as a range of stockings if you do not have any of your own. 

Stockings and garter belts are also great to use in the image as a focus such as pulling them on or attaching the stocking to your garter.

058 boudoir photography

 A Touch of Lace

013 boudoir photography

Robes are fantastic to wear either over the top of your lingerie or by themselves with nothing underneath. They are soft and feminine but can also be sexy and seductive. Bring your own favourite robe or use ours. We have a black, white and pink lace robe for your use.

Little tops are great to team with knickers and stockings for a sexy but slightly more covered look.

008 alt 1 4


044 boudoir photography
Corsets do seem to come and go. Sometimes in style and sometimes not but never the less, they do look amazing in photographs. 

They are extremely flattering on all body types and can give off a particular sex appeal that can add mood to your image. We have a few boned, satin corsets in different colours to fit sizes 8 - 14 in the studio, or bring your own in.

003 alt 1 2
092 boudoir photography


099 boudoir photography

Bridal can be anything from the veil to lingerie to the garter. It can be as naughty or as nice as you like.

Bring along your wedding shoes and your wedding night lingerie to give him a sneak preview of what to expect on the night. He will be blown away by the results and will not expect such an awesome gift.

086 boudoir photography
056 boudoir photography

The Business Shirt

008 alt 3
Mens business shirts are very popular and make great boudoir outfits. It is one of our favourites and is so versatile. 

Wear it with lingerie underneath, or just a sexy pair of lacy knickers, or completely naked. The shirt can cover as much or as little as you like. 

Bring in ‘his’ favourite shirt or use ours, the choice is yours. We have white business shirts in small, medium and large.

009 alt 2
005 alt 1 5

Heels and Boots

011 boudoir photography

Heels are a classic that do many things. They make your legs look longer and add a little bit of sexinesss to your shot, or be brave & wear only the heels. 

We won’t always see feet in a shot but if we do it can be nice to add a sexy pair of heels. If you don’t own a pair yourself you are welcome to use ours. We have black in size 8 plus red, white and black in sizes 8 & 10 that you are welcome to use. 

Long boots are very sexy either with lingerie, corset, little shorts or nude.

005 alt 1 2
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Oversized Jumper

004 boudoir photography
090 boudoir photography

Oversized jumpers are perfect for boudoir, especially for those who are a little shy and want to be sexy without showing too much skin. We have three jumpers here for your use. We have the cream cable knit jumper, grey button front and the white plain jumper (all pictured on this page). They will fit sizes 8 - 14. If you are over a size 14 you would need to bring in your own jumper. Be sure to bring a matching pair of knickers also and preferably with a nice lace side. 

We do have lace knickers available in white and black but it is a good idea to bring your own if you have them.

007 boudoir photography
014 boudoir photography

White Sheet

037 boudoir photography
012 boudoir photography
This is a favourite of many women as it is the ultimate in “leaving very little to the imagination”. It is easy and makes a fantastic extra look. 

You can appear to be naked while revealing less flesh than lingerie and it can be great to hide those problem areas if you need to. 

There is no need to bring a sheet. We have that here for you.

083 boudoir photography
049 boudoir photography


006 alt 3

Who doesn't love a great pair of jeans and it seems that the more ripped they are, the better. We have an awesome pair of ripped up jeans  which will fit size 8 - 12 that you are most welcome to use, or bring in your own favourite pair.

Jeans can be worn topless or with your favourite bra or a sexy singlet knotted at the front or side. 

Leave unbuttoned or unzipped for an extra sexy look or go for the playful girl next door look.

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