July 9

3 Reasons to Do a Boudoir Shoot If You’re Curvy

By Dean Agar Photography

July 9, 2021

The thought of doing a boudoir shoot can be intimidating. Maybe you’re intrigued but afraid of how you’d look, afraid you’re not thin enough, young enough, or hot enough to look sexy. Maybe you’re afraid that a camera trained on your nearly naked body will only highlight the parts of yourself you’re insecure about.

 It can be hard to feel good about yourself and your body when the media is constantly telling you that you need to lose weight, be tanner, etc. But you are beautiful just as you are, and a boudoir shoot is a great way to prove that to yourself. Here are three reasons why plus-sized women should give boudoir a chance.

Plus size
Change the way you see yourself.

Boudoir is all about seeing yourself from a new perspective and recognising your natural beauty that’s always been there. Maybe you’ve avoided being in photos because there are parts of your body that you wish looked different. But a talented and experienced photographer can highlight your beauty and make you see yourself in a whole new light.


Love your body.

When you work with a professional photographer you trust, you’ll be amazed at how great you look. They’ll know how to light you perfectly and direct you into the most flattering poses. A boudoir session allows you to highlight the parts of your body that you love—and maybe even discover new appreciation for parts of your body that you’ve always felt insecure about.

068 boudoir photography
061 boudoir photography
Empower yourself and prove your worth.

You don’t have to be super skinny to do boudoir shoot, and you don’t have to be a model to look absolutely stunning. You are gorgeous just as you are and worthy of love and respect, including love from yourself. Boudoir can be such a liberating and empowering experience, helping you to truly embrace yourself for who you are.

Plus size boudoir

If you’re interested in doing a boudoir shoot, don’t let your insecurities hold you back. Find a photographer you can trust and who will do everything they can to help you see beauty in every image. With 12 years experience photographing women of all ages and sizes, we believe that we are the right photographer for you.

Monique's experience with us. . . .

Monique Johnstone

What Monique had to say about her Boudoir Experience with us . . . 

"I would sincerely like to thank Karen and Dean for the beautiful boudoir shoot I attended for mine and my husband's anniversary. I have never had make up and hair done before so I was very much out of my comfort zone, to say that I was nervous would be quite an understatement. As soon as I walked in to their beautiful home I was made to feel warm, welcome and comfortable.

I should explain, body image is something that I had struggled with given that I was much heavier before this boudoir shoot so it was not something I would ever have dreamt of, now being a size 16,  I was very conscious on how I would look or even if it would be something that my husband would like, given that I had lost a lot of weight but still wear the marks of my heavier days.

However to my surprise this was nothing I needed to be worried about. It Didn't matter what size I was. I was made to feel beautiful and amazing. Dean and Karen from Dean Agar photography are both talented, exceptional and warm inviting professionals that made me feel beautiful for the first time in a very long time. There was no judgements or snickering which was what I was used to.

The photos turned out better than I could've ever expected and delivered in such a quick turnaround time that I cannot recommend them highly enough. Complete five star rating from me. Thank you so much."

Monique Johnstone

If you would like to find how we can help you change the way you see yourself, please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or email experience@brisbaneboudoir.com.au for more information. Take the first step in an amazing and uplifting experience. You'll wonder why you had not done it years ago.