May 21

Boudoir photography session with Melanie

By Dean Agar Photography

May 21, 2020

Melanie chose us for her Boudoir photography session as she wanted some elegant but sexy images to surprise her partner. We are well known for our exquisite, tasteful and elegant boudoir photography sessions. Our home photography studio is private and heated/cooled for your comfort. We will style and pose you specifically for your body type. We realise that you will be extremely nervous but that usually lasts for only the first 10 minutes or so. You will very quickly gain confidence with us and you will relax and feel comfortable. Once you see your images you will feel very proud of your achievements. Many women tell us that they feel very ’empowered’ after their boudoir photography session with us.


Melanie boudoir photography 006

Because we photograph all styles of photography for women, including artistic nude, vintage, and glamour, it means that you can combine several styles in your session according to your comfort level and for the images you wish to achieve. You are also welcome to include your partner/husband in your session for some romantic images together if you wish. 

Melanie boudoir photography 005

Our sessions all begin with a beautiful relaxing makeover which will make you feel amazing so consider booking a night out afterwards to take advantage of your awesome hair and makeup.

If you would like information on a session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230669 or email

You can also find more information on a boudoir photography experience with us on this link.

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